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In developing our craft, we have spent many years consulting with and working alongside arborists and engineers. We have had the pleasure of consulting with Charles Greenwood PE, who has developed a number of methods of supporting treehouses that minimize tree damage and ensure a long life for the tree and the treehouse. The hardware offered by Nelson Treehouse and Supply is specially designed for treehouses and is the starting point for all of our tree-supported structures. We proudly and confidently provide this hardware for sale to the public, because we rely on it every day.

Why do I need special treehouse hardware?

Building a structure on the ground affords the craftsman a reliable base or foundation to work upon. Building in a tree, means the foundation needs to be created in the air. Given the fact that all the weight of a fully finished, furnished, and occupied treehouse will rest on the trunks of just a few trees (or sometimes only one tree), the way the treehouse is attached to those trees is of utmost importance. Not only for the safety of the occupants, but also for the health of the tree(s), and the longevity of the structure.

Treehouses weigh thousands of pounds all by themselves. Add to that the furniture, fixtures, and décor it takes to personalize the space. Then add the weight of all the family, friends, neighbors, and curious on-lookers, and the burden on the trees can quickly grow into tens of thousands of pounds. Without specialty treehouse hardware, the attachment points for the structure would fail, causing irreparable damage to the tree. With our hardware, we are confident, if installed correctly, you and your tree will be happy. 

Please note: All hardware is fabricated here in the US. Due to current demand, orders may take up to six weeks to fill. We do our best to fill orders, Monday - Friday, by 11 AM, but some orders might take longer to fill. If hardware is needed ASAP, please email or call for availability and shipping options.

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