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Pete has designed hundreds of treehouses over the years, and no two are alike. However, several of his designs are adaptable enough to suit many tree arrangements and environments. Pete has always emphasized the experience of creating a unique home in the trees, and the plans presented on this site can help anyone achieve that dream for themselves.

It's likely you will need to make design modifications to suit your exact circumstances. For those not comfortable making changes on their own, we offer two different consultation packages to make our plans fit almost any tree configuration. If those packages do not fit your needs, we are always available for consultation, charged by the hour. 

Each set of plans is shipped with a copy of Treehousing: The Instructional Guide, a 30 page packet with information to help launch your project and keep you and your trees healthy and happy for years to come. The guide covers things like tree selection, design considerations, detailed TAB installation instructions, and much more. This thorough information packet may also be purchased independently of any treehouse plan.

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A great, updated guide book on selecing the right tree, and building a platform to start your treehouse on the right path.