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Hello and thank you for visiting the Nelson Treehouse and Supply shop! Due to our small staff it does take us two to three days to fill orders. Please keep this in mind as you place them, we will of course fill them as fast as we can, if we can. 

We thank you for supporting our small but growing business! 

All the Nelson Treehouse and Supply hats! 

Find your new favorite shirts, vests and other clothing items here!

At Nelson Treehouse and Supply we have high standards for our building stuff and our "non" building stuff. Here you will find a selection of books, written by yours truly, Pete Nelson and innate drink gear, that we use everyday. 

Each treehouse plan is different and will require some adjustments to your use. Each plan order includes our treehouse guide manual.

The hardware we offer is specially designed for treehouses and is the starting point for all of our tree-supported structures.

Full line of fasteners from Screw Products, Inc.